1Piazza sponsors Twin Tech Party

On July 17th there is a social networking event – the Twin Tech Party (TwinTechDC)- and 1Piazza is sponsoring a night to remember. The reason for the event includes bringing together the twin types of entrepreneurial tech in this town… the established and the newer (including “web 2.0”) startup types. The article that spurred the idea is http://blog.washingtonpost.com/washbizblog/2008/06/tech_post_choose_your_own_head.html. The event has recently been posted, and is still being set up in terms of location. We’ll be at the event, conducting interviews and enjoying meeting new people.
And we’ve thrown the OpenCoffee event the next morning into the mix as the “Morning-After Party” at around 9am (8:30am for those who like to be on time!).
More on these events to come – here are the links:

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